[SOLUTION] Analysis of an Industry Sector

The report will be an analysis of the strategic management of a specific industry sector (industrial steel fabrication and installation – steel buildings) on a global scale. You may base the report around a particular company, which may be your own employer but does not have to be, but you must relate it to the global operation of the sector, considering how it trades internationally, and how competitor businesses work. You will need to apply models such as SWOT both to your own company and to the sector as a whole, though you may apply different models to each if you feel that is more appropriate, for example a SWOT for your company, but Porters 5 forces for the industry.

Critically analyse a sector of industry relevant to your industry/specialism on a global scale.

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[SOLUTION] Analysis of an Industry Sector
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Feedback on the one page layout that was submitted will be posted as soon as feedback is received.

2,475 words approximately
More than 15 high quality references (Books and Journal Papers)

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