[SOLUTION] PowerPoint Presentation

Your PowerPoint presentation you should have slides that include the following:. Name and Aspect of Development: Name your toy and identify the aspect of development (e.g., cognitive, linguistic) your toy addresses.2. Literature Review (A minimum of 3 slides): Find and discuss at least three scholarly articles that provide relevant background information on the area of development you are targeting (e.g., cognitive, linguistic). Use 3 academic articles do not use .com3. Toy Description: Describe the novel toy you created, including the dimensions and features of your final prototype and graphics and/or pictures. What is the function of your toy? How does it work?4. Function/Developmental Relevance: How does your toy enhance any aspect of development?5. Marketability: What is the target gender, age, location, and any other subject variables that apply? How is this toy necessary? How does it fill a void in the toy market? How is your toy an improvement over existing models already on the market?6. Bias: Is there any bias associated with your toy? Address any bias issues relating to culture, gender, abilities/disabilities, etc. How could you modify your toy to meet the needs of other cultures, abilities/disabilities?7. Conclusion: Provide concluding remarks, including ideas for future product improvement.8. Reference Page- This is for the three scholarly articles and any other resources used.Ms.Jess12 hours agoThis assignment is a PowerPoint presentation that needs to have 9-10 slides. Remember that you are creating a toy that has to do with a child’s development—for example, cognition.

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[SOLUTION] PowerPoint Presentation
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