[SOLUTION] The Population

Below are the directions for the Final Assignment in class. It is due Week 8. It is NOT a group assignment. Attached you will see an example from a prior course. Make sure that you do not put too much content on each slide. The slides are talking points not for you to read. PowerPoint has the ability for you to record your presentation. This is what you will need to do for the assignment.  This will be the equivalent of a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation. Students will present their research findings. 1. A clearly identified population who abuses a specific substance or engages in a specific addictive behavior. A. Examples might include but are not limited to the identity or geographically based demographic groups, college students, veterans, survivors of trauma, etc. 2. The unique socio-cultural challenges they experience with regard to addiction, 3. And an empirically validated counseling approach to treating this addiction in your identified population. You should cite at least 10 references (peer-review journals or books), with sources of information indicated on each slide.  The reference list needs to comply with the APA requirements. Students are encouraged to incorporate video clips and photos/images/artwork into your presentation where applicable.  Because it may take time for you to locate the articles/books, be sure to start your research as early as possible.  Please do not refer to non-scholarly materials for the content of this presentation – their legitimacy is often questionable. However, you may use internet video clips to help illustrate your presentation. The presentation will be evaluated according to accuracy/quality of research/information, understanding of theories/concepts/issues, analyses, thoroughness, applicability, examples/illustration/images/video clips used, creativity, and presentation style.

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[SOLUTION] The Population
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