[SOLUTION] Plato and Aristotle’s Views of Virtue

Contrast Plato and Aristotle’s views of virtue.

Include in your response

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[SOLUTION] Plato and Aristotle’s Views of Virtue
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a) What is virtue?
b) How do we become virtuous?

How are moral laws different from the laws of physics and chemistry?

Do these differences undermine natural law theory?

What is the difference between psychological and ethical egoism?

Does the truth of one of these theories imply the truth of the other?

Utilitarians think that some humans are morally equal to some animals.

What exactly do they mean by this and how do they argue for it?

Do you agree with them? Why or why not?

What does Kant mean by “the good will”?

How is it possible for someone to do the right thing but lack a good will?

Do you agree that actions are praiseworthy only if they are performed from the good will?

Compare and contrast the role that Kantian ethics, Virtue Ethics and Feminist Ethics assigns to emotion.

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