[SOLUTION] Psychological Disorders

Describe abnormal behavior and the four criteria for identifying psychological disorders.Summarize the biological and psychosocial factors that contribute to psychological disorders.Define and identify methods of psychotherapy.Describe and identify methods of biomedical therapies.Instructions:STEP 1: Select.Choose one of the mental disorders you learned about in this module. Think of a fictional character who you think might fit, at least to some extent, that type of disorder. Consider cartoon characters, Disney princesses, favorite sitcom characters, etc.Step 2: Research.Research the disorder along with appropriate treatment methods to write up a diagnosis and treatment plan.Conduct research about the disorder and treatment methods to write up a diagnosis and treatment plan. It is recommended that you conduct research through our Online Library or use a scholarly internet search. Wikipedia is not allowed and you will need to include at least two different credible sources; do not rely on the same website for all your information.Step 3. Write and Reflect.In a 2-4 page paper, explain which disorder the character may have, describe the disorder, then provide at least three evidence examples of how or why that character meets the description of the mental illness. Identify treatment methods that are available for this disorder and develop a treatment plan for this character.

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[SOLUTION] Psychological Disorders
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