[SOLUTION] Coronavirus Pandemic

Discussion 1 3434 unread replies.3434 replies. This is an open discussion on the current coronavirus pandemic. Post your own discussion and reply to at least 2 other student posts. I’d like this to be an informed roundtable discussion. Read some on-line articles. Watch on-line videos. Consider facts and perspectives, forecasts and concerns, responses and commentary. We are now 4 months into the pandemic/crisis. There are human health and economic considerations and outcomes. Here’s a few opening questions to think about: What are we learning from COVID-19 and our efforts to reign it in locally, nationally, globally? What does the coronavirus, its behavior, its impacts, and our responses teach us about conservation, economics, human goals and sustainability? How is this bridge between society and nature different from other humanitarian crises or natural disasters? What about different responses, plans? Some communities, states, countries have faired better than others. Sweden, for example, took a different approach. Can you comment on merits and perils of the diversity of responses? COVID-19 is a density dependent disease. Population centers are hit hardest. For the first time in our history, we are practicing physical (social) distancing to slow the spread of a disease vector. And coronavirus is zoonotic – it jumps from one species to another. Our relentless habitat encroachment is exposed. We’re all impacted, and we’re all processing new understandings related to this pandemic. They talk about a ‘new normal’. What might this be? Is there opportunity in crisis? Impacts necessitate recovery. Perhaps we can reflect on this action word: recover. Like a gymnast or figure skater after a fall, it’s all about the grace in recovery. This is not exactly an opinion piece, but I accept that perspectives are influenced and nuanced. Here’s a shared google doc with articles to get you started. Please also add articles/items you find interesting too. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MhEXc0yW_jzpZSrIcPRcqYo_KaTsOUyzxqsM5BabkLY/edit?usp=sharing

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[SOLUTION] Coronavirus Pandemic
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