[SOLUTION] Stakeholder Analysis

TOPIC: Stakeholder Analysis
Due date: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 by 11:59pm Worth 20% of your final grade
Scenario: Read the article “Written consent for HIV testing: Time to stop perpetuating stigma” available from: https://healthydebate.ca/opinions/written-consent-for-hiv-testing
Your task: Complete a stakeholder analysis, assuming that you are a local hospital and are seeking to answer the question, “Should we change the policy requiring a signed written consent form to test for HIV?”
Identify three stakeholders and complete a stakeholder analysis, following the framework (steps 1-5) presented in Lecture 1: Stakeholder Analysis Framework.
Your submission should include: • A one-page (single-spaced) analysis of the issue.
The one-page document should include a statement of the issue, aim and time dimension, context and level of analysis.
You should also further describe the tensions and synergies you have identified. • Your information-gathering matrix (See slide 15 of Lecture 2 and sample matrix provided in Lecture 2 materials), including assessment (red highlights for tensions, green for synergy).
You should start with the categories of information provided (e.g. assumptions, values etc) in the template/examples, but can add your own categories if you feel that some categories are missing for the problem you have identified.
This matrix should be between 1-2 pages. • Your influence/interest matrix, placing your stakeholders into the appropriate cell (e.g. slide 17 or 18 from Lecture 1: Stakeholder Analysis Framework)
Please combine all three sections of your assignment into one document and submit the assignment through Canvas.
Once you submit your assignment, it will be forwarded to Turnitin. Please refer to the course outline for more information on Turnitin. You can use locate and use additional resources to inform your analysis, but this is not required.
Referencing and Formatting: •
Include your name and student number on your assignment. You are not required to have a title page. • Please use Times New Roman, 12-point font. •
Use APA Style 6th Edition for references: o https://guides.library.uoit.ca/citation o https://apastyle.apa.org/
Rubric: • 30% – Accuracy • 60% – Critical thinking and writing skills (Evidence of analysis and original thought, grammar, spelling, punctuation) • 10% – Referencing and formatting

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