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You should include in your essay a brief outline of what the key features of the Melzak and Wall (1965) Theory of pain consists of, evaluate what works or is problematic and then consider how it could be applied to manage individual pain. Your essay should start with a clear introduction as to how you intend to answer the question, what key features you will include, as well as any contradictory evidence you intend to present. You may want to include a very brief description of a method of pain management and say why that would work better than applying the Theory of Pain. (This should be approx. 200-250 words). The main body of your essay should describe how Melzak and Wall’s theory can be used to control pain. You should discuss what factors impact on the gate control process either to alleviate or exacerbate pain in either acute or chronic pain. There are four main concepts that you should include when explaining the theory for the main part and that includes: 1. The biological process of pain (Gate Control). 2. What controls the pain messages to increase or decrease the level experienced (Gate Control)? 3. What can affect the pain process, e.g. emotions and mood? 4. How this is applied to managing individual pain. This part of your essay should finish with some commentary about the evidence you have introduced and you may well briefly propose an alternative method in support of any criticism of Melzak and Wall’s Theory of Pain. (Approximately 1000-1100 words). You should finish with a strong conclusion that reinforces the key points from your discussion and also contains some commentary about the theory you discussed and how it was best applied with some critical comment. (Approx. 200-250 words)

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[SOLUTION] Management
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