[SOLUTION] Leadership

I would expect that these questions might take anywhere from ½ to 2 pages (typed, double spaced, 12 pt. font). You’re not graded on length. Please don’t write any longer than 2 pages for any question. I wouldn’t think you would need any resources other than your textbook or notes. Feel free to use those things, but please do not talk to your classmates about this test. Also, remember, that I will expect more depth in take-home answers like these than I would if you were answering these questions in a 50-minute class period.

33 points each (you automatically get one point just for turning it in)

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[SOLUTION] Leadership
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1. How is leadership co-produced? How does this de-center the heroic person idea of leadership? Why is that a good thing? How does leadership being co-produced change the conversation about what is “good” leadership?

2. Describe your knapsack. What are some specific ways that affects your communication with others? How does your knapsack affect the organizational barriers that you do or don’t face? So what does that mean? In other words, what difference does knowing your knapsack make in how you communicate with others?

3. What is a conformist identity? If someone adopts a conformist identity, what is he/she conforming to? In your answer, be sure to talk about risk, constant improvement, and time famine.

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