[SOLUTION] Research Proposal

This is a Masters Level Research Proposal! The outline for the Research Proposal is : Research Question- What are some of the contributing factors towards incarceration rates among urban ‘at risk’ youths? How can we use the knowledge of these factors to better design programs and interventions to help ‘at risk’ youths? The final paper should have the following characteristics: DUE AUGUST 4th 12 pages not including references or annexes. 1 page for reference 1 page annexes Font Arial size 12 Line spacing of 1.5. MAKE SURE to present a discussion of the following points: -Research problem. -The relevance of the study. -Research question. -Literature review. -Research site selection. -Data collection strategy. -Data analysis strategy. -Include an Annex with your data collection tool samples. There will be small assignments that has to be completed which will be compiled at the end to make the final paper. ASSIGNMENT 1- Literature review / public knowledge in the field (1,500 words) DUE BY JULY 12 @ 5PM -Use at least 3 academic, 3 journalistic, and 3 policy sources. -Try to respond to the following guiding questions: -What is the current research focused on? -What are experts in the field saying about gaps in the field? -What are experts in the field recommending that future research focus on? ASSIGNMENT 2 -Selecting the data site (500 words) DUE BY JULY 18 @ 5PM -Write a justification for your data site selection. -Where is the knowledge that you need to answer your research question? Is it in peoples’ behavior and everyday life? Is it in the lived experience of people? Is it embedded in documents or artifacts? Is it deposited in statistics? -Who has the knowledge that you need to answer your question? Do you have access? What do you need to do to get access? -Why that research site and not another? What is so unique about your research site? What opportunities for your research project are created by your research site. ASSIGNMENT 3 – Data collection strategy (1,000 words) DUE BY JULY 25 @5PM -Provide a the rationale for your data collection strategy selection. -Why this strategy and not another? -Describe your data collection strategy. -Provide a detailed explanation of the steps comprising your data collection method. ASSIGNMENT 4- Data collection tools DUE BY AUGUST 1ST @ 5PM Provide a sample of your data collection tools. If you are planning to do in-dept interviews, provide a sample of your interview protocol. If you are planning to do content analysis, provide a sample of your coding materials. Whichever method you use, provide a sample of your data collection tools

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[SOLUTION] Research Proposal
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