[SOLUTION] Criminal Justice System

The paper will have 

A cover sheet
3-5 pages of content (full pages, 12 font, double-spaced, NO creative [large] margins or headings on the pages).  3-page papers will generally receive less points than 5-page papers!
The paper must have at least three citations, properly cited. 
At least 3 research sources…WIKIPEDIA is NOT A SOURCE….and a citations page or bibliography—This is NOT part of the 3-5 pages of content.
You can pick your own topic, BUT IT MUST be related to our Evidence studies.  Our book is written from a legal point of view and this paper is intended to mix the knowledge from the text and other sources and link it to actual practice in the criminal justice system.

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[SOLUTION] Criminal Justice System
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Some suggested topics:

Criminal Evidence Topics, such as:         

NYPD Stop & Frisk
Witness Impeachment
Marbury v. Madison (Judicial Review)
Miranda v. Arizona (Miranda Law)
Exclusionary Rule
Brady v. Maryland (Exculpatory Evidence)
Police Informants
Terry v. Ohio (Terry Stops)
Expert Witness Controversy

Voir Dire

Subpoena Duces Tecum

Hearsay Rule (and exceptions)

Direct versus Circumstantial Evidence

Burden of Proof (criminal, insanity excuse, etc)

DNA exoneration (case examples)

Warrantless Searches

Any historical case which made an impact on evidence examination, use, or introduction.

The “CSI” effect on modern jurors

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