[SOLUTION] Criminal Justice

The subject paper will be a 3-5 pages, double spaced 12 fonts, and will be an opinion paper.  I know what you are thinking- opinion paper…then there is no wrong answer-  WRONG.

I want you to take a subject (something related to the criminal justice system) and present both sides of the issue, and then give me your opinion based on your research.

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[SOLUTION] Criminal Justice
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The paper needs a title, thesis statement, supporting content (3 full pages worth) and conclusion.

This paper will have a bibliography to include any personal interviews, websites and any reference you use.  I do not care about the format for your bibliography, a list is great.  The bibliography DOES not count as one of your pages.

You may pick any topic that you want, DO NOT WAIT FOR THE LAST MINUTE.


Death Penalty
Three Strikes
Determinate Sentencing
Summary Probation
Formal Probation
Active shooters
Anything related to the criminal justice system.

The topics are pretty wide open, but make sure you will be able to obtain enough information for a good, comprehensive pro/con argument.  You might want to look at the appendix of your textbook for some online websites that may be beneficial.

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