[SOLUTION] Business Information Systems

Conduct a business information systems needs analysis. Include the following in your needs analysis:Review current technologies – what do you have and what do you need?Consider the desired outcome – how will the organization change over the next several years and what needs must be fulfilled?Determine options and alternatives – can you update or upgrade existing systems and remain compatible with other systems, must you buy new systems, or can you create solutions internally?Recommend a solution – what is the best choice given the options and alternatives available?Decide how to measure effectiveness of the recommended solution – how will you know it worked? Evaluate resources – what are the costs in time, money, and productivity for the recommended solution for equipment, training, implementation, etc.?Write a 1- to 2-page summary of your analysis.Create a 1-page systems change management template for the business information system from your needs analysis. Include the following in your change management template:How to request system changesDocumenting change requests, approvals, and detailsScope of the changeChange sponsorImplementation of changes including communication, training, etcSubmit your analysis summary and change management template.

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[SOLUTION] Business Information Systems
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