[SOLUTION] Discussion

For this Discussion, review the readings. Think about elements in the articles that denote competence. 1. Give a description of at least two criteria that define competence in social work. Give an example of each criterion of competence and justify your selection. (15-20 sentences and use references provided) 2. Give a response to at least two colleagues who wrote about two criteria different from yours. In your response, suggest an additional example to support each of your colleague’s criteria. (3-6 sentences for each response using references) (will provide colleagues’ response soon) References are below and are APA format. May add additional if possible Reamer, F. G. (2010). The limits of professional competence. Social Work Today. Retrieved from: https://www.socialworktoday.com/news/eoe_041410.shtml Social Work Policy Institute. (2010). Evidence-based practice. Retrieved from: http://www.socialworkpolicy.org/research/evidence-based-practice-2.html Spratt, T. (2011). Families with multiple problems: Some challenges in identifying and providing services to those experiencing adversities across the life course. Journal of Social Work, 11(4), 343-357

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[SOLUTION] Discussion
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