[SOLUTION] The effects of mental health in students

Expansion of a speech I wrote into an APA formatted argumentative speech. I already have 4 sources, you will just need 3 more. The requirements from my teacher are as follows: * Three new sources, including at least one academic journal/authoritative summary of data/book chapter or ebook Content/Ideas *Appropriate academic tone *Creation of an engaging conversation *An original vantage point including strong evidence in support of your claim *Careful treatment of alternative viewpoints and various positions *Proper source attribution * A conclusion suitable for your chosen argumentative style *Accurate APA style, including a title page, summaries of source material versus long quotations, APA in-text citations, and References page. **Note: APA papers are divided into sections, using subheadings. So, any subtopics in the paper should be sectioned off with subheadings.

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[SOLUTION] The effects of mental health in students
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