[SOLUTION] Short Story

Find ONE short story from our textbook that I have NOT assigned as part of the reading for the class. Then, explain how your selected short story is relevant today, in terms of society, politics, and/or culture. Short stories are written in a particular time and place, and their meanings are often born out of that context. However, this is not to say that short stories have relevance ONLY in the time and place in which they were written. As readers, we find new relevance and meaning in older works, particularly as we relate the elements of these stories to our lives here and now (wherever and whenever that may be). For this option, you will ideally choose a short story that was written in a different time period, in a different location/context, or both. Then, you will explain how this short story translates into our current time and place (roughly speaking, the early 21st century in the United States). Your overall explanation of this relevance will be your thesis. Support your thesis with specific examples from the short story

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[SOLUTION] Short Story
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