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My research will be about that link https://www.ted.com/talks/daphne_koller_what_we_re_learning_from_online_education In this essay you have to have a four sources, Three will be from the Volunteer’s databases and one will be that link: https://www.ted.com/talks/daphne_koller_what_we_re_learning_from_online_education Unit 2, you analyzed a TED talk about a current issue. By conducting this analysis, you have familiarized yourself with at least one conversation surrounding the issue. This will serve as your groundwork for Essay 3, the research paper. Assignment Your assignment is to develop a specific problem-solving proposal to the issue addressed in your chosen TED talk from Unit 2. If you want to switch topics, you may choose from the TED talk list below. After further educating yourself on the issue through research, you will decide on one specific solution to the problem that can be supported by research. These are all extremely complex issues; therefore, it is not expected that you find an ultimate solution that makes the problem disappear. Think of it this way: your solution should help mitigate, or lessen, the problem to some extent. Remember, change begins with very small steps. Your essay should use the TED talk to provide some background information of the problem, and you should use more sources (see below) to argue the problem’s urgency (i.e. why does it need to be solved?). Consider who is affected by the problem. Finally, propose a specific solution. There are several ways you can approach this paper. If the speaker of the TED talk has already proposed a solution, you can write an essay that simply extends that argument. For instance, if you chose Samuel’s “How college loans exploit students for profit,” your problem-solving proposal might be income-based tuition to help combat the student loan debt crisis. On the other hand, you might choose to use Samuel’s speech as a jumping-off point to highlight the student loan debt crisis in America, but argue for a different proposal, such as forgiveness for all after ten years. The point is that the solution needs to be specific. Research, Format and Length You are required to use a minimum of four (maximum of six) sources for this essay. One of those sources should be the TED talk you have chosen (you already know how to cite this!). The remaining three sources should come from Vol State’s library databases with publication dates no earlier than 2015. After you use your four required sources, you can use two additional sources from reputable organizations or websites. This essay should be written in standard MLA format. Your final draft should be between 3-4 pages, excluding the Works Cited page. Audience and Tone Your audience are fellow college students who are not familiar with your topic. You should maintain a formal tone and write your essay in third-person point of view (no I, me, my, you, your). or this discussion, you should paste the first FOUR paragraphs of your essay (your introduction and three body paragraphs) and an explanation of your process. In order to earn full credit, your post should include the following: 1. A fully-developed introduction that includes a basic background and avoids using source material 2. A thesis statement at the end of the introduction. 3. Clear topic sentences written in writer’s own words (not source material). 4. A minimum of six sentences in the body paragraph to support the topic sentence. Generally aim for 30% source material, 70% your words. 5. At least one well-integrated direct quote and/or paraphrase in each paragraph with a correct in-text citation. See Source Integration for Research Papers 6. A Works Cited entry of the sources used thus far 5. A separate paragraph that explains the following: a) How many sources have you used so far? How many of those are from VSCC’s databases? b) Describe your process for writing this essay. Which resources are you using from the course? Any other internet sources? Have you received any outside tutoring or help?

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[SOLUTION] Research Paper
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