[SOLUTION] Argumentative Paper

You are going to choose a topic to write an argument paper.


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[SOLUTION] Argumentative Paper
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1.Choose a side on prescriptive or descriptive grammar
2.Pick something that you are interested in
3.Choose something from your field of study

Choose your topic and then answer the questions below in paragraphs (complete sentences). Use the attached form to type your answers and then upload your typed answers.

1.What is the subject of your argumentative paper? Write a rough statement of your opinion on this subject.

2.Why are you interested in this topic? Is it important to your personal, civic, or professional life? State at least one reason for your choice of topic.

3.Is this a significant topic of interest to others? Why? Is there a particular audience you would like to address?

4.At this point, can you list at least two reasons that support your opinion of your topic?

5.Who opposes your opinion? Can you state clearly at least one of your opposition’s major criticisms of your position?

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