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Proposal Learning Objectives Identify purpose and elements of proposals Understand how ethical issues influence research and application Implement methods of persuasion appropriate to the rhetorical situation Purpose and Description This assignment asks you to practice proposal argumentation and to use critical thinking and problem-solving strategies to respond effectively to your audience’s needs within the given context of the assignment. Iowa State, as part of its continuous improvement effort, is actively seeking input from students for how to further improve the undergraduate experience on campus. In addition, the City of Ames is looking for ways in which it can improve services and facilities for its residents and visitors. For this assignment, you will write an unsolicited, informal proposal that addresses a campus or community problem and proposes a solution to that problem. You will need to be: Attentive to the topic you choose. Informal proposals ” typically address a limited problem for which a relatively straightforward solution exists” (Finkelstein 85). Cognizant that you’re writing to someone who has not asked for a proposal and may not even be aware that there is a problem to solve. Unsolicited proposals “are proposals that no one has asked for and, perhaps, that no one wants. The recipient has not decided to solve a problem and may not even realize that a problem exists–or may not want to realize it” (ibid). Aware of your audience, that is, the person or persons who have the authority to approve the implementation of your proposed solution. This proposal assignment will provide you the opportunity to: Write a persuasive proposal Analyze a specific audience to determine your rhetorical strategies Consider the ethics of persuasive techniques and adapt technical knowledge to a non-expert audience Build goodwill with your audience Expectations The proposal will: Follow the proposal format outlined in Chapter 6 on page 86 Establish the existence of a problem using supporting evidence (research) Address a clearly defined audience Offer a reasonable solution to the problem Show that the solution can be implemented Demonstrate goodwill with the proposal’s recipient and use appropriate grammar, spelling, and mechanics Audience Your primary audience for this proposal is the person, or persons, who can approve the implementation of your proposed solution. Your secondary audience is your instructor. Supporting Materials Chapter 6: Proposals Lecture videos from Module 2

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