[SOLUTION] Nation and Race

MENG- 103 Week 4 Essay 3 Discussion for Extra Credit Hi All, This discussion will help you formulate your second essay. Here are the instructions: 1) Read “On Nation and Race.” Focus on the beginning of the text until the point which the video explains. 2) Choose three passages of at least two sentences in length and identify which fallacy/fallacies you observe in those lines. Post your response via discussion. MAKE SURE TO QUOTE THE PASSAGE in question so everyone can see the language and then name the fallacy/fallacies you observe. 3) Respond to at least two other students. State whether or not you agree/disagree with your classmates’ assessments. (I’ll note that these fallacies are layered so you might witness fallacies on top of fallacies in Hitler’s thinking.) Note: Completion of the assignment adds ten points out of one hundred to Essay Three. Here is the link to the video: (I will also make it available in the “modules” section): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=VgLk7vDe1H0&feature=emb_logo

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[SOLUTION] Nation and Race
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