[SOLUTION] Accumulating ?Better race-based data?

Hello, For question #1, I have already provided some of the information (please check if correct), but you may skip this section as I have a specific source where the article was provided by my professor and will need to use that particular site for the reference, which you will not have access to (https://search-proquest-com.library.sheridanc.on.ca/docview/2411164962/fulltext/C695CA5B03FF4584PQ/1?) However, the same article is found on https://www.macleans.ca/opinion/canadas-dire-need-better-race-based-data/. The deadline for this is Sunday at noon, so I am hopeful you will have this completed (including any revisions) by 10am on Sunday at the latest. There are 2 partsfor this order and the instructions below are taken directly as provided by my professor. Only 1 reference will be needed, however, in-text citations for directly quoted or paraphrasing will definitely be needed in APA format. Let?s discuss this short essay and see what can be made possible. Thanks for your consideration. PART A (20 marks) Answer the following questions as they apply to the article assigned for the midterm examination. Make sure your completed exam includes question numbers so that I know which question you are answering where. Respond in full sentences where indicated and always provide the relevant paragraph numbers. Your answers should be in your own words. If you do directly quote the article, make sure you following APA and academic integrity guidelines for directly quotations. 1. Important publication information (1 mark) a) What is the author’s name? Denise Balkissoon b) What is the title of the article? Better race-based data c) When was the article published? July 2020 d) What is the name of the publication? ProQuest e) What is the publication type? Scholarly Journals f) What is the retrieval url for the article? https://search-proquest-com.library.sheridanc.on.ca/docview/2411164962/fulltext/C695CA5B03FF4584PQ/1? 2. Target audience (1 mark) a) Identify the author’s intended target audience based on your examination of the article. Support and explain your answer with evidence drawn from the article. 3. Opinion (1 mark) a) Quote and cite a sentence from the article in which the author states their own opinion. 4. Bias (2 marks) a) Referring back to your answer for question 3, describe one potential assumption or bias this statement of opinion reveals. b) Explain how this bias might function as a strength in dealing with the topic of this article. 5. Claim and support (2 marks) The author makes a claim that the term “visible minority” is “factually incorrect” when used to differentiate populations in Toronto (para. 6). Explain the author’s reasoning and evidence by answering the following questions: a) Reasoning: How does the author define the term “visible minority”? Quote and cite the definition. b) Evidence: What fact makes the term incorrect – what verifiable evidence does the author provide? Quote and cite the relevant fact. 6. Information sources – data (3 marks) a) What information does the author source from the city of Toronto? b) What idea is the author trying to support or develop with this information? 7. Information sources – paraphrasing (3 marks) a) Who does the author paraphrase in paragraph 8? b) Why does the author cite this particular individual? What is the purpose of paraphrasing this particular source? 8. Information sources – quoting (3 marks) a) Who does the author quote in paragraph 11? b) What idea is the author trying to develop in relation to this quotation from this source? 9. Paragraph basics (2 marks) a) Identify a paragraph with a strong topic sentence. Quote and cite that sentence. b) Identify a place in the article where the author uses an effective transition between two sentences or two paragraphs. Quote and cite the relevant sentences. 10. Purpose (2 marks) a) Part of the author’s purpose is to inform readers of a problem. Summarize, in one sentence, what problem the author wants readers to know about. b) The author is also recommending a solution. Summarize, in one sentence, what solution the author recommends. ? PART B (30 marks) Write a short essay (approximately 500 words/ 3-5 paragraphs) in response to the following questions: b) Is this an effective article for the author’s purpose? c) Why – what makes this article effective, or, what limits its effectiveness? Your essay should state and support an informed opinion based on careful and critical examination of the article. You must use evidence from the article itself to make your case – by paraphrasing and/or quoting specific passages that you consider to be effective or ineffective. If you are struggling with how to judge the article’s effectiveness, review our lesson materials on evaluating sources.

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[SOLUTION] Accumulating ?Better race-based data?
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