[SOLUTION] Best Practice to journal writing

creating a 10-minute professional tutorial that includes a narrated presentation. You may create your tutorial using a narrated PowerPoint, that will allow your audience to both read/view and hear you present it The Topic Is: Best Practice to journal writing. Creativity is encouraged with this tutorial, so feel free to pick a topic relevant to you, and please select tools to create it that best fit your intended outcome. The Focus Should Be On: • Incorporating best practices in public speaking for professionals. • Using effective communication strategies outlined in this course. • Using effective multimedia strategies outlined in this course by including at a minimum an audio component to accompany your presentation. • Using communication strategies appropriate to the medium and audience. Length: 10-minute written presentation in addition to a 10 slide presentation with 25-40 words per slide using main keywords and phrases only References: Include at least three appropriate references that support the information shared in your tutorial in a final slide or visual, displaying your references in APA format. If you have consulted an expert to create your tutorial, personal communication citations are appropriate for this assignment. References: Books and Resources for this Week This widget shows what modules and topics exist in the Content tool. Select a module to see its topics. Select a topic to read it in the Content tool. Select Home to return to the top of the module hierarchy. Select Bookmarks to quickly jump to your bookmarked content. The list of content modules and topics for the current selected level in the content hierarchy. Spieler, C., & Miltenberger, R. (2017). Using awareness training to decrease nervous habits during public speaking. Journal of Applied Behavior… Day-Calder, M. (2017). Presenting with confidence. Nursing Standard, 32(5), 37–38. Langlois, B. (2015). SPEAK UP! How to become a more engaging speaker — part 2. Canadian Nurse, 111(3), 32. Must be cited within the slides , a subject slide, and a reference slide.

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[SOLUTION] Best Practice to journal writing
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