[SOLUTION] White-collar Crime

Readings · Van Slyke, Benson & Cullen, Chapters 18-19 and 21-22 (4 chapters) · Johnston, Chapter 7 Keep around 120 words or fewer (but comprehensive) for responses to EACH of the following questions. 1. Please post one question that you found most intriguing, important, puzzling, infuriating, contrary to what you thought before, etc. about the assigned reading by 8 pm of this Wednesday as your first discussion post. You should then give a brief idea of yours in the same post. 2. Certain types of businesses seem to be more prone to commitment in white-collar crime. From what you read and your extensive experiences in your job, what factors you found that would make them more prone to white-collar crime? 3. Lack of effective surveillance is one of the most common problems that make an organization vulnerable to white-collar crime. For the following types of organizations, what kinds of surveillance maybe helpful to prevent white-collar crime? 1) religion fraud; 2) cyber crime; 3) official corruption; 4) medical fraud; and 5) false advertisement. A second set of question would be send to be answered. 50-75 words once receive.

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[SOLUTION] White-collar Crime
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