[SOLUTION] COVID-19 pandemic

Grading Rubric: 20% = Does the essay reference or discuss concepts covered throughout the first half of the semester? 20% = Does the essay meet the required length (word count)? 60% = Does the essay demonstrate your knowledge of cultural anthropology and the specific concepts we have covered? Helpful tips: Become familiar with some of the different understandings, beliefs, perspectives, and policies (ex. government, political, scientific, news, social media, etc.) related to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Reflect on your own experiences during the pandemic as well as the experiences of your family and friends. Ask yourself, “how can I use what I’ve learned this semester help me better understand and interpret all of this?” Examples: Cross cultural analysis: how is COVID-19 being addressed by other countries or cultures? Kinship: How has kinship been important during the COVID-19 pandemic? Linguistics: What types of metaphors and euphemisms are used to discuss COVID-19 Methods: What methods were used in the articles you used as resources? Participant observations, Document aspects of your everyday life during the pandemic, these can include experiences outside of your household (ex. getting groceries) only as long as you document activities you already have to do and only rely on ‘headnotes’ during the activity and only write up your jottings or field notes once you are in a safe environment (ex. your house or vehicle), Interviews

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[SOLUTION] COVID-19 pandemic
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