[SOLUTION] civil disobedience

please use this sources below “Civil billofrightsinstitute.org/educate/educator-resources/civil-disobedience/. Disobedience.” ?Bill of Rights Institute?, 25 Feb. 2020, Annotated Bibliography The Civil Rights Movement: 1919-1960s, Freedom’s Story, TeacherServe®, National Humanities Center?, nationalhumanitiescenter.org/tserve/freedom/1917beyond/essays/crm.htm. David, Henry. “Civil Disobedience.” ?Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau?, xroads.virginia.edu/~Hyper2/thoreau/civil.html. STRAIL, CIVIL. “Alabama.” ?US Civil Rights Trail?, civilrightstrail.com/state/alabama/. “Rep. John Lewis.” ?US Civil Rights Trail?, civilrightstrail.com/experience/rep-john-lewis/.

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[SOLUTION] civil disobedience
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