[SOLUTION] Uniform Bank Performance Report

Objective: Analyze a bank’s financial statements. Each student must select a bank that you want to learn more about, and then download the financial statements of that bank. ? Report Type: Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR) Data: Download balance sheets and income statements for your bank for 2 recent consecutive quarters to have a meaningful discussion of your results. Requirements: 1. Describe the services your bank provides. 2. Provide an overview of the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement. a) Describe and analyze the components of both (you will also want to report the data as a percent of total assets). 3. Measure and evaluate the performance of your bank given different profitability ratios. Some important variables are: a) Net Interest Margin b) ROE c) ROA 4. Provide a breakdown of return on assets (ROE = ROA × Equity Multiplier) Write-up: Use font size 12, double-spacing, and 3-4 pages. Include a summary and conclusion section. Include Bank Balance Sheet/Income Statement, tables, and all calculations in an appendix, which could have any number of pages. Round your results to 2 decimal places, and where applicable show your results as a percent of assets. To Submit: Submit your write-up and presentation in the Dropbox folder on D2L. Presentations: Will take place during the last week of classes. Presentations should address topics such as Requirements 1-4. Plan for a 10-minute presentation.

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[SOLUTION] Uniform Bank Performance Report
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