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Prompt: A core argument of this class has been that political constitutions contain in them theories of society, its possibilities, and human nature. Please compare and contrast how society and human nature are figured in three constitutions: the “Jacobin” Constitution of 1793, the 1801 Constitution of the Colony of Saint Domingue, and the Bolivian Constitution of 1826.  To guide your thinking: how are these constitutions constructed? What do they say about who has the right to representation, and what is the nature of that representation? What arguments do these constitutions make about human nature? Why do they make these arguments? Feel free to consider not only the constitutions themselves, but also other contemporary primary sources that might help you contextualize your argument. Requirement: -Answer prompt in an analytical essay 1500 words MAX -evidence-based arguments, not assertions -Must be formatted to Chicago style -PRIMARY SOURCES ONLY: I have attached primary sources mentioned in the prompt along with others. -Please quotes from sources provided ONLY

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Age of Revolution | Get Solution
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