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1. In the video interview you watched, Mick Rabin introduced us to the world of comics storytelling and the potential of comics for engaging with the historical world and social identity. He then contextualized these lessons in a few examples of Latinx comics in our anthology. For this question, choose 2 or 3 contributions in the anthology and bring them in dialogue with your new knowledge from the video. What do these Latinx comics tell us about social identity and the historical world of Latinx — and how do they do this? Bring specific evidence of the visual and verbal art of the comics into your discussion. 2. Think back over the storytelling narratives from Latin America and the Latinx US that we have read, discussed and enjoyed. Bring Tales From La Vida into dialogue with these narratives. Which other narratives in this course do you find most resonant with one or another of the contributions in the comics anthology? Describe why you find symmetries and dialogues between the written text(s) and the comic one(s). Video: Attached Book: Frederick Louis Aldama, ed., A Latinx Comics Anthology

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Tales from La Vida | Get Solution
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