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The objective of this assignment is for you to consider the meaning of politics in light of what you have learned in this Political Sociology course. Your essay, which should take the form of a letter, should be between 300 and 400 words. Please include a word count at the top of the assignment. In the very first module of the course, we considered different definitions of the term political. These definitions focused, variously, on the state, conflict, power, social or public activity, and human decision-making. One way to illustrate how politics operates is to show how society varies across different places (e.g. countries) or time (e.g. historical change within the United States). Imagine that somebody named Curious P. Willask sent you an email to ask the following question: what is politics? Your task is to write a letter to Curious P. Willask that explains what politics entails by drawing on material from the course readings, lectures, and weekly reflection assignments. Your letter should include the following components: In the first paragraph of the letter, make a clear argument about how you define politics, and what you think politics entails. In the remainder of the letter, support this argument by providing further elaboration and concrete examples. Reference content from at least 3 different modules of the course. Please make it clear which modules you are referencing by providing the module numbers in parentheses. Reference concrete examples from at least 3 different countries. Reference at least one example of historical change over time. Provide citations within the essay, and include a list of references/works cited at the end of the essay – but do NOT include the list of references in your word count. You may use any citation style.   GRADING CRITERIA We will evaluate your essay using the following criteria. –The essay is between 300 and 400 words, and uses correct spelling and grammar. –The essay includes a clear argument in the first paragraph that explains how you define and understand politics. –The essay provides concrete examples from at least 3 different countries, and references at least one example of historical change over time. –The essay references and cites course material, such as readings, lectures, and weekly reflection assignments. –The essay provides a list of references/works cited, but does NOT include this list in the word count. –The essay demonstrates that you understand key concepts and arguments from the readings and lectures. –The essay makes clear connections between the argument that you present in the first paragraph, and the concrete examples that you provide in the remainder of the essay.

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What is Politics | Get Solution
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