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Follow instructions attached  The final research paper or project represents the cumulative effort of your work this semester. It should be 1200 words, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, standard 1 inch margins on all sides.  This final paper will demonstrate your proficiency in applying concepts relevant to the theories we have been studying to a topic of your choice pertaining to sexual and gender identities. Your project should reference a minimum of one (1) course readings in an application of one or more theoretical concepts we have explored this semester to a text, issue, or cultural production of your choice. You should include a minimum of two (2) outside sources on the topic, which can be original data collection or other sources you have found in your own research.   Therefore, the paper will have a total of three (3) sources.  PICK ONLY ONE FROM BELOW TO WRITE ABOUT ·       the sex/gender binary ·       birth of the “homosexual” ·       discursive constructions of sexuality ·       regulation, power, and knowledge ·       diagnosis, confession, and “truth” ·       medical science and sexuality – the construction of “normal” ·       historical context and its role in definition ·       passing and trans narratives ·       intersectionality – race/class/gender/sexuality ·       recognition/visibility of sexual and gender identities (bisexuality & the closet) ·       queer politics and the policing of “deviant” bodies and sexualities ·       pedophilia, psychosexual development, and polymorphous perversity ·       stereotypes and cultural representation ·       performativity, drag, and gender identity ·       Stonewall and gay liberation ·       queer and trans challenges to the legal system ·       sodomy and marriage laws ·       lesbian feminism, separatism, and trans identities ·       materiality of the body ·       cyberidentities (sexual and gender)

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The Sociology of Gender | Get Solution
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