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“Secret of Photo 51” Video Website: or use: Questions for “Secret of Photo 51” 1)    Who was awarded the Nobel Prize for work on the structure of DNA? 2)    Explain how x-ray crystallography is used to reveal molecular structure? 3)    What work did Franklin do during the war? 4)    What techniques did Franklin perfect in her time in Paris?  How was she different from many other researchers? 5)    What did she expose herself to? 6)    What was to be Franklin’s project at Kings College? 7)    What was known about DNA at this time? 8)    What did Franklin discover in her first few months at Kings?  How did this discovery help her to obtain clear images of DNA? 9)    List the differences of the two forms of DNA? 10)    What does the cross in the middle of the B form of DNA indicate? 11)    What approach did Watson and Crick take to solving the structure of DNA? 12)    What deductions did Watson make from Photo 51? 13)    What did Crick find out from the medical research council paper? 14)    What two clues helped Watson and Crick find the position of the bases? 15)    What giant leap did Watson make on the bases of Donohue’s advice?

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Secret Photos of 51 | Get Solution
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