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Explain how our current political system creates, exacerbates, or reduces our vulnerabilities to your disruption scenario (scenario chosen is Russia oil spill affecting Arctic Ocean) Explain how our current political system supports or creates barriers to an ideal disruption response.  Explain how some element of the political system in one of the ecovillages we studied might be used to improve resilience in the community you are using for your resilience plan.   Explain how you might use mechanisms of our current political system to plan for resilience.   This week’s report should be between 500-750 words, presented in APA formatting, and supported by evidence from a minimum of 4 credible sources. Use scholarly sources (i.e. journal articles, books published by university presses, etc.), government websites and reports, or publications from any of the organizations the American Association of Geographers: list of leading climate change organizations  (Links to an external site.) . You may not use popular sources, including news media, unless you can make a case for the information being otherwise unavailable (e.g., a highly local and well-respected newspaper).  In addition, you may also find that newspapers, documentaries, and television news coverage found on YouTube may give you a good illustration of your scenario to help you think it through, although these should not count as part of your four cited sources.

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Political Sphere and Environmental Stability | Get Solution
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