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Topic: Origins of flight in Reptiles, Mammals, and Insects     Paper Format   The body of the text shall include at least 5 double spaced, typewritten pages in 12 point font (preferably Times New Roman).    The paper must include all of the following LABELLED sections: a) Abstract – a statement summarizing results or concepts.  This should be single spaced and the goal is to provide enough information to let any potential readers know what your paper is about without giving them all of the details. b) Introduction – a description of the background of the subject, previous research, purpose and/or objectives, etc.  Here you could summarize material presented in lecture or in the text.  Why did you choose your topic? c) Body of the text – here you will present new information you have obtained from your research.  You may choose to subdivide your paper into separate titled subsections (for example you may have a separate section for ecology, geographic distribution, etc.). d) Summary/Conclusions – describe the main points learned in the paper, objectives achieved, and any questions that remain unanswered e) Appendices (optional) – include any additional figures, tables, lists, or diagrams not included within the text.  Alternatively, you make incorporate figures directly into the text, but the text will still need to meet the minimum length requirements. f) References – follow the format exhibited by the Geological Society of America Bulletin available in the library (more on this topic below).   Use appropriate internal notation when referencing your sources. Any idea or concept that is not uniquely your own or is not regarded as public knowledge should be referenced.  This is achieved by noting the author credited with the idea and the year of the publication in parenthesis.     At least four references other than your text must be included in your references.  At least two of your references must come from sources other than internet sites or popular magazines.  Newspapers, magazines, and web sites do not usually provide the reader with a means of verifying sources or seeking out additional information and should not be used.  Scientific journals and books use appropriate referencing and are required resources.  Of course you may use internet sites and magazines as a starting point or as additional sources of information.

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