Only Humans have Theory of Mind | Get Solution

BELOW, YOU WILL FIND THE INFORMATION NEEDED. HOW TO CITE AND WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR THE PAPER.  ATTACHED ARE THE 5 ARTICLES NEEDED FOR THE PAPER AND A GUIDELINE. ALSO, A CORRECTED ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. Only humans have theory of mind. Support or refute this statement by presenting evidence from studies of captive and wild primates. Be sure to thoroughly explain the concept of theory of mind and how brain size and cognition may play a role in this debate. III. Final Paper Write an argumentative paper that is 5-6 pages long. Use the work you have completed in parts I and II of this assignment (annotated bibliography, first draft of your introduction, and outline). Follow the organizational structure created in your outline and don’t forget to add a conclusion. Assignments should be typed and include the following: + Title page, • Title, name, course number, date • 12 pt. font, centered + Text of paper, formatted using the following specifications: • Times New Roman, 12 pt. • Double-spaced • 1-inch margins on all sides • Indent new paragraphs; there is no need to skip an extra line

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Only Humans have Theory of Mind | Get Solution
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