Killing US Softly | Get Solution Identify and share an advertising image that is illustrative of the principle critiques Killbourne raises in the documentary.  Beauty ideal Objectification of female bodies Eroticization of violence Sexualization of youth Hegemonic masculinity Silencing girls Pornification of pop culture Heteronormativity What does Kilbourne mean by we live in a toxic cultural environment? What do you think the consequences of these types of images are? How are men portrayed in the advertisements?  Make a list of the type of images the film argues are typical in ads.  See if there are a lot of examples of one or more of these types of images. Do advertisers have a responsibility to society?  Why or why not? According to the film, in what ways does it benefit women to subscribe to the image of ideal feminine beauty?  In what ways might it be self-destructive? Do you think the culture is opening up and starting to embrace more willingly women and girls that go against the traditional feminine type?  If so, why do you think this is happening?  If not, not?  What about for men? Why does Kilbourne think that the consequences of objectification of women in ads are more harmful than the consequences of the objectification for men?  Do you agree?  Why or why not?

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