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For this assignment you will choose one of three issues in the Criminal justice system: – incarceration rates – the war on drugs – technology and surveillance Your paper should cover the following: A detailed description of the issue (at least 3-4 pages)   – a detailed description of the issue to include why it exists  – describe the effect this issue has/had on society- a detailed description of the varied positions on the subject in society (no personal opinions-just info from research) Describe proposed solutions proposed those who oppose current policies on the issue (at least 1 & 1/2- 2 pages) Using info you learned about the issue you should describe any potential changes which could be made to policies on this issue or providing a strong justification of the issue (at least 1- 1& 1/2 pages) Format and grading: This paper should contain mostly summarized or paraphrased info – remember you still need citations for this infoMinimize use of direct quotes – if you use a direct quote you should have a significant explanation of its relevance (in your own words) APA formatting must be used

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Incarceration Rates | Get Solution
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