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Select a developing country that experiences high levels of food insecurity and that you would like to learn more about.?  Research the demographics of the country and identify reasons/causes for food insecurity for the population as a whole or a subpopulation.?  Identify a non-profit organization/program which supports food systems to address the needs of the population you have chosen. Explore gaps in the system such as an organization that collects food to distribute to those in need, but is challenged by the transportation of foods to that population.??  Based on the information you have gathered, develop a suggestion or idea that supports sustainable food systems to help fill the gap you identified. Think about the cultural norms, religion, health beliefs, and other factors that can help support your idea. Is your solution realistic? What would you need to help you implement this idea??  Explain why you chose the solution you did. How does it help you to be more culturally competent?

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Food Insecurity | Get Solution
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