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Economic development projects often hinge on the availability of financing and funding. Myriad resources, programs and tools exist to address this access to capital challenge. The goal of financing is to remove barriers to project completion. This individual assignment will help students develop the skills to effectively assess potential financing sources for economic development goals and projects. Assignment Produce a three-page comprehensive approach recommending three potential financing tools and comprehensive solution that Lexington could use to achieve their goals.  The report should cover a wide range of topics and include the following: 1.     Program Overview – How do the three recommended financing tools work. Mechanics, financing source, partners, timing, etc.? Provide examples of how the tools works in other communities and it can be applied to the current opportunity in Lexington, KY. 2.     Pros & Cons – Discuss the effectiveness of these programs including the pros and cons of using each tool. Be detailed. Discuss the structures and how they impact the community. What roadblocks and/or obstacles stand in the way of the programming working? 3.     Pro Forma – Prepare a basic project pro forma which includes both the sources and uses of funds. What does the project cost and what sources of financings will address these needs? What is the gap that the programs are trying to address?

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Economic Development | Get Solution
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