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This is a research essay. Please make sure to follow the instructions very closely in addition to reading all the attached files before starting. Thank you. Also refer to this website ( A sample paper is uploaded under files, this paper should be very similarly structured. Research Essay Prompt:  Write an essay of 7 pages that analyzes at least 2 poems that draws upon 3 or more secondary sources.  At least one of these sources must be a work of literary criticism (a book or article in which a scholar interprets your author’s work).  You must compare and analyze how effective the author is in conveying the theme or message of the poems.  Please analyze the poem in the way that how does the poet use poetic devices such as imagery or metaphors to convey his message to the reader. and does he do this effectively? Ensure that at the end of the Intro there is a two sentence thesis statement. This paper should analyze how the poet uses poetic devices to bring out the theme or message of the poem and is it effective. Tips to Keep in Mind: 1.    look at attached files for examples of what to include in the essay. 2.    Refer to the speaking voice in the poem as the “speaker.”  If you are referring to the poet’s use of a literary element, then you can say “the poet” or the poet’s name. 3.    Use the present tense when writing. The poem, as a work of literature, continues to exist!  4.    To avoid unnecessary repetition of “says” or “states” in your compositions, the following list suggests some verbs you can use when writing the essay: dramatizes, emphasizes, presents, suggests, illustrates, asserts, characterizes, argues, underlines, stresses, asks, offers  5.    Do not forget to follow MLA guidelines for quoting and citing lines of poetry in your text.   6.    Do not use second person “you” or first person “I” in the poem when not necessary.  Remember that the essay is not about you; it is an academic analysis of the text. 7. You do not need to include any formatting in terms of headings but make sure lines are cited directly after quotation. Guidelines: – To develop your essay and support your claims, you must analyze at least 2 poems from a poet.   Use quotations from the poems to enhance your discussion but be careful not to overuse quotes.  Aim for 2-3 quotations per body paragraph, but make sure to use them effectively.  Remember that the essay should be in your own words and provide your original analysis of the poems.   – Your essay must also use at least 3 outside relevant and reliable scholarly sources to bolster your analysis and claims.  At least one of these sources must be a work of literary criticism (a book or article in which a scholar interprets your author’s work).   These sources should be used throughout your body paragraphs to support your discussion; however, remember that the majority of a paragraph should be in your own words and contain your own analysis.  •Your body paragraphs should analyze different elements of language and sound as discussed in the attached files.  This is the minimum that should be analyzed.  You should also discuss more poetic elements in addition to these.  •Your essay should follow the academic conventions for literature essays.   •Your essay should have an original title that reflects its content. •Your essay should have organized, focused, and well-developed body paragraphs.

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Analyzing Poetry | Get Solution
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