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Requirement 1: Read Joseph McBride’s “Ten Tips for the Road Ahead.” Answer one or more of the questions below (approx. 100words). Alternatively, if you’d prefer to respond to a part of the text in a different way, you’re free to do that.• Which of the tips catch your attention? Why? • Which seem surprising? Which are obvious? • Which seem most important for you?Requirement 2: What’s an anecdote you like to tell people–a story that you might tell at a party or in casual conversation? Something you think is interesting or funny to a wide range of people?Think about that anecdote, write it down. Then write down what you’d need to do to make it engaging on screen. What would need to be changed? What would need to be added or enhanced? (approx. 100 words)

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Writing and Story Telling Skill | Get Solution
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