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Policy and Advocacy Journal 2 page paper (12 pt. font, double-spaced, 1” margins) which includes the following:   1.     A description of your current understanding of social welfare policy. What is social welfare policy? How have social policies or programs impacted your life to date? What is your general perception of these programs and policies, and how do you believe you came to develop that perception?    2.     A description of your current understanding of advocacy. What is advocacy? Describe any past involvement in advocacy efforts, or plans for future involvement (including what issues areas they may advocate for). If you have no plans to participate, explain why.   3.     An explanation, based on your readings, of the role of social workers in advocacy and policy practice (making specific reference to the NASW Code of Ethics). Specifically, how might social workers be involved in shaping policy? Do you agree with Reamer that advocacy is a “moral imperative” for social workers? If you plan to become a social worker, what excites you, or concerns you, about this obligation?   Recommended reading: The NASW (The National Association of Social Workers) Code of Ethics.   Reamer, F, (2012, January 12). Eye on Ethics: The Moral Imperative of Social Work Advocacy, Social Work Today. Retrieved from

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Social Work Policy and Advocacy Journal | Get Solution
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