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“The overthrow of the shah of Iran in 1979 resulted in the loss of an important Western ally in the region, though the ensuing militant Islamic government was hostile to both superpowers.”    Describe the impact of this event to international relations, how you think it affects the world order to this day and what should be done with the current Iranian regime – take a British, Russian or Chinese perspective and not American when responding.   Identify drivers from your country and what type of relationship you want with Iran.  Would this antagonize the West?  How would you mitigate?  Are your ideas currently found in the world right now? Remember the goal is not to create form papers but insightful, personally observant and creative ponderings about world events, how the world works or some other angle you found in your journey that week.  Each paper is to be 3-4 pages long with a minimum of 3 outside sources.

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Markets and Globalization | Get Solution
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