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Information Quality formation%20Quality%20Workbook%20%20(1).xlsx?ou=567134 (workbook link)- Accuracy: The workbook is somewhat lacking when it comes to accuracy. Many purchase prices and item numbers are missing entirely.  – Timeliness: The information is timely as it does coincide with the most recent sales period of 2019.- Relevance – Being Just Sufficient – Being Worth its Cost  – Having Correct Detail – Ease to Use 1. Do we have repeat buyers? We do not possess the details or ease of use to answer this question.  2. Are sales increasing year over year in January? If the information is accurate and timely it shows that sales have actually decreased. 3. What are the trends of average sales prices year over year? 4. What categories of items have the best trending sales?  5. What are the trends in shipping costs? 6. Am I going to run out of stock in January 2020?

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Information Quality Review | Get Solution
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