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Exploring in-person and online ways in which you can network:  – In-person methods (e.g., conferences, career fairs, volunteering, or anyone you meet throughout your daily routine)   – Online methods (e.g., LinkedIn, Webinars, Facebook groups, Meetup, and so on)  Write a reflection of your research and/or experiences networking. Address the following topics: 1. Identify at least 1 online method and 1 in-person method for networking.  2. Discuss the advantages of each of the approaches to networking that you identified above.  3. Discuss how you plan to use networking to improve your own career development or career goals, and provide examples of how you plan to use your online and in-person networking methods. Notes about me: I am pursuing a career in Business Administration. I work for the State of Iowa in the disability claims department. my career goals are to stay working for the state, finish school,and the use my degree to advance within the company. If you could please reference using my fathers connections to get the job I currently am in. He used to be the CFO of the department I work at. I used his name when interviewing. I am not sure if that qualifies as in-person networking.

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In-Person and Online Networking | Get Solution
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