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In Chapter 1 we examined some of the challenges and opportunities that are related to tourism. In Chapter 2 we learned about market segmentation. In this discussion, we will examine why travelers tend to be attracted to countries such as Australia, Canada, etc., to participate in tourism activities, and why other destinations are avoided.1. Based on your knowledge of the factors and conditions that encourage tourism, find two online articles that could explain the high attraction in destinations of your choosing. Be sure to cite the articles selected in your response and paraphrase key facets. Elaborate on what these popular destinations have in common.2. Find two articles that highlight what may be missing in countries that tend to be avoided. (For example, Afghanistan, Iran etc.). Cite the articles selected and paraphrase key points.3. As per Plog’s Continuum, elaborate on which personality characteristics would travel to the destinations you have chosen as being more popular.4. Detail which personality characteristics would choose destinations that are viewed as being less popular. How can these destinations that are “avoided” use their “off the beaten track” image to their advantage?

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Global Tourism Discussion | Get Solution
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