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we are starting to understand the landscape that draws millions of people to our state and in the reading, we are seeing those that were lured here by the landscape through human settlement during early statehood.  After reading Game Changers (chapter 2), our eyes are opened to the lawlessness, polarizing groups, and unique possible paths for our state. Taking time to absorb the content and contemplate how it compares (or doesn’t to today).  The paper will be a compare/contrast of the first 30 years of California’s statehood to what you see now in the state.  Find both comparisons and contrasts, what seems similar, and how has the state changed?  Your paper is subjective, therefore cannot be wrong, just be sure to include strong support and rationale for your ideas (this can come from the text, current event articles, the landscape, your knowledge of CA history, research, etc).

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Geography of California Analysis | Get Solution
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