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After selecting a historical topic to research further, the next step in the research process is to create a research plan that compiles primary and secondary sources.(The topic is South African Apartheid)First, applying what you just learned about narrowing research questions, revise your research questions from your Topic Exploration Worksheet.(see attached, and please revise everything for improvements)Explain how you approached revising your research questions to assist your instructor in understanding your approach. This will help you draft an introduction to a hypothetical research paper with a strong thesis statement.Finally, applying what you have learned about comparing primary sources and analyzing secondary sources, do a deeper dive into the primary sources you listed in Part 3 of your Topic Exploration Worksheet to help you start your research plan. Describe what these sources add to your understanding of your selected topic.The feedback you receive from this assignment should be implemented as you work towards your Research Plan and Introduction for Project 3. (see attached for feedbacks)To complete this assignment, complete the Research Plan Preparation Worksheet Word Document. (see attached)

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Research Plan Preparation Get Solution Now
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