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Choose ONE of the following questions to answer. In your original post include the question number in the title and question text at the beginning of your post.1.  Identify the three (3) most significant social, political, economic, or scientific factors that you believe have most influenced nursing and/or nursing education in the past 10 years.2. Describe the various routes to becoming a registered nurse (RN). What are the pros/cons of each? What do you believe the entry level should be and why?3. Identify factors that influence the imbalance of supply and demand for nurses by addressing the following:a. Factors in the pastb. Factors in the presentc. Analyze the impact of these factors on nursing and health careUse at least one scholarly resource other than your textbook to support your remarks.All scholarly sources cited in-text and as references must be APA compliant and within 5 the last 5 years, including direct quotations.TEXTBOOK:!/4/2/4%5Bvst-image-button-710165%5D%400:0.130

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