Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Get Solution Now

1. What historical topic have you chosen? (Please describe)2. What do you already know about this topic? What other PSYC courses have you taken in which this topic was addressed?3. What questions will your project seek to answer?4. Why is this topic important to the history of psychology?5. Tell me why you find this topic interesting & intriguing. Why are you interested in this topic? In what ways are you personally connected to it?6. List at least 3-4 available sources of information on this topic, including at least 1 original / classic / archival source (e.g., a book or article written by a historical figure such as Karen Horney or Carl Jung). Cite your reading list in APA style. (You don’t need to have read any of this for now – it is your planned reading list).

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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Get Solution Now
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