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You all have had an undergraduate nursing theory class, of course.  For this discussion, and before you do a lot of reading, let’s talk about what your thoughts about philosophy and theory are right now.  And don’t think if you say that theory is useless that you won’t get a good grade.  I grade on the quality and logic of your posts, not on what you think I want to hear.  These are your opinions and experiences, so I don’t expect to see any citations or APA for this first discussion.Organize your thoughts around these questions:Do you remember if your UG curriculum was framed using a specific nursing theory?  If so, tell us how was that operationalized in the classroom and clinical (if you can remember).  Do you or have you worked in an institution for which nursing care was theory-guided?  Again, how did that theory get operationalized in your practice?Overall, is philosophy and theory useful or useless to guide nursing practice, research, and scholarship?  Is nursing an art or a science – or both — or neither?I want you to be concise, but fully answer the questions.  Keep focused.

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Nursing Philosophy Get Solution Now
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